Sunday 23 June 2013

Saturday 22nd June - We Will Rock You!

Jen came with me to the allotment to attack the aphids on my beans, with some soapy water in a spray, as I didn't want the infestation to gain too much ground, also took the fried egg plants grown from seeds that were sent to me by Surbie100 off the Allotment Gardening Forum are now planted.

It was supposed to be a flying visit as the girls were taking me to see "We Will Rock You" but Jen noticed that the cabbages in Bed 6 have grown so much that they have becoming distorted because they are in contact with the netting, and asked how long it would take to fix? "5 minutes to cut new hoops" said I

So we took it off, cut four larger water pipe hoops, weeded and re- fitted the some new netting as the original was not long enough to enclose the ends. It's so easy to deal with the weeds that have grown in the compost on top of the weed membrane and the bed look really good again. We agreed that there will be more planting thru membrane next year, I'm even thinking of doing the potatoes that way with really black thick stuff and not mounding up.

Lessons learnt I'm going to make all the netting enclosures the same size especially after seeing Keiths carrots etc. Just manages to get done in time to go home change and get the Tube to the Theatre to a see the show.

If you have not been and you like Queen and get the chance, go see it - It was fantastic

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