Sunday 30 June 2013

Sunday 30th June 2013

OK your expecting me to be telling you that Bed 8 is complete.... So was I until last night on the way to bed, I notice the boiler was on, ummm no ones running water and the radiators are off so why?

Then I find that the pressure has dropped to zero and looking underneath the boiler, the carpet is saturated in water and it's still dripping. Off with the water mains, off with the electric to the boiler. and mop up the floor and place a tray under to catch the drips.

Phoned the boiler company and It appears that we may not be able to get parts because its' obsolete!!!

I have the part number of the heat exchange unit from the last time if failed, and they are going to check and ring me in the morning.... What a pain not having water to the washing machine, sinks and wc - filling buckets, bowls and anything else so we can flush the loo - So I must look into fixing a stop-cock in the run to the boiler somewhere easily accessible

So shopping and a quick visit to water late afternoon, John gave me a large bowl of strawberries to bring home and some dexian racking from his work that they were going to dump that I can use beside the shed to store my obligatory pile of wood etc.    well that's another job for another day....
Toms and runner beans in the back garden
Toms in the greenhouse on the allotment

Sprouts on the Allotment

Toms in the grow house on the allotment 
Sweet Corn on the Allotment
Cabbage on the Allotment

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