Monday 17 June 2013

Sunday 16th June

Quick visit to drop off four more tomato plants and water all the plants in the mini greenhouse and the sprouts and cabbages.

Got a really nice Allotment Handbook from the girls for fathers day, one of the best I've seen so far, and next Saturday the girls are taking me to see We Will Rock You.

My Comfrey has really grown so I'm currently trying two methods to make Comfrey Tea

1) Two plastic containers, added comfrey and water to the first and place the second on top filled with a concrete block to squash the comfrey - when I tried this with nettles I lifting out the second box and giving a stir once in a while.

2) A two Litre plastic milk bottle stiffed with leafs some chopped up and others whole stuffed into the wide neck and then filled with water leaving an inch or so of air at the top so I can shake the brew up. I've read that this method needs 4 - 5 weeks to produce results.

Before the comfrey looked big enough to nick some leafs, I tried method (1) with nettles and the remaining mass of leafs were added to the compost heap.

What with weeding, rain and fathers day, I've not managed to actually dig any more and I'm getting a little frustrated that bed 7 isn't ready - Look's like once I do get them done it will be for green manure to prime for next year!

All those plans and seeds - at least I do have cabbages growing in the cold frame that could go in I've I do manage to get a couple of more beds dug before the end of the season.

Hopefully next year will be easier as I will not be starting from scratch

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