Friday 7 June 2013

Cheeky Little Fellow

Dropped the Cheeky Gnome off at the allotment but could not stay to do any work - Doh.

Home and water all the plants to find that a slug had made it into the cold frame and had made a meal of three of my new runner beans in loo rolls - Little B. He must have sneaked in when I had left the lid off because the floor is concrete slabs covered in insulation which I'm wondering if I should remove now it's finally getting warmer?

Any suggestions readers?

Hit the front garden which has now been cut three times but looked as if it had not been done since last year!

Played with my new weed burner from lidl which cost me £14.99 with a cylinder of gas (they are £20 without the gas everywhere else) - on the drive and once the ash was cleared with broom it looked really good and a whole lot faster that hooking all the weeds out with the weeding tool. 

I'm glad I bought this one because it has an ignition button and system which others didn't and the wind blew out the flame a few times.

Finally packed away about 9:30 as it was starting to get dark. So glad I did the front garden as it rained over night. 

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