Plans for "Avalon" Plots 1 & 1A

In the process of Updating for 2024

I used to have two pages one for my Mill Green Allotment Plots. Mill Green Plot 1A was my first ever allotment plot that I got in 2012, and I had another page for plot 1 that is in fact my third half plot as for a couple of years before getting Mill Green plot 1, I had a plot on Spencer Road Allotment. 

Now that I finally have the infrastructure in for plot 1 and the potting shed I have put the sign up on the potting shed and my allotment has been named "Avalon". Yes I'm a bit of a King Arthur and the Knight Of The Round Table nerd! 

Here is the Planting Layout Plan of Avalon (Plots 1 & 1A) for 2024 as at December 2023 

I've always planned my work but working my plan has often proved difficult, circumstances sometimes alter what you were planning, and this year is no exception to that rule. 

So here is what I had planned for Plot 1 as of December 2023, and the square foot garden bed 3 didn't happen in 2023 as I managed to get a load of paving slabs off Freecycle and I wanted to make the path wider so that I had room for bringing in wheelbarrows of wood chips into the plot and swinging around the corner of the potting shed when using the main path that goes past the sheds

The formation of the climbing frame greenhouse altered when I looked into what parts I had in the boxes and made a redesign of how I was going to build it and ended up using the mesh panels as structure for the walls and not cladding to the greenhouse frames I bought in the B&Q sale off when they stopped selling them. 

Above is the plan for plot 1A .....


Spring     19th March - 19th June
Summer  20th June - 19th Sept
Autumn   20th Sept - 20th December
Winter     21st December - 18th March 

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