Sunday 13 September 2015

Garden Duty - Getting Access to the Fence Post.

The garden has not really received the attention it should have this summer. My neighbour has dropped a container in the front garden and now is erecting the mother of all shed in the back garden. I have asked the local authority if he can do this without planning permission as he is running a business from it, and apparently I will get an answer in 2 - 10 days after the Planning Officer has visited and looked at it.

I noticed that the wind appears to finally fractured the base of the post and it and the fence panels either side were leaning in towards my neighbours property.

Not wanting it to fall in and hurt anyone or his new shed I cleared the back path and also the dross stored at the end of the path and had a general tidy. The paved area behind the BBQ  being cleared, I moved the cold frame and its contents onto the BBQ paved area so that I can get to the fence post that has broken.

A trip to Wicks and a new 8ft 3"x3" post then received a coat of paint.  Rain was forecast for the afternoon but none came and I managed to get a few more coats of preservative on the post.

Noticing the early signs of blight, I harvested all the tomatoes from the affected plants and disposed of the foliage and I will be keeping a close eye on the remaining plants and at the first sign of blight they too will be harvested and the plants disposed off.

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