Sunday 21 June 2015

A Fathers Day Visit to the Plot

A Fathers Day visit to plant out the Swift sweet corn and make a quick update video

Monday 8 June 2015

Planted Cucumbers and Cleared the Growhouse

Monday 8th June 2015
A morning visit taking tomatoes and cucumbers from the space saver at home to the allotment

Planted the Cucumbers in bed 9

I cleared the grow house of all the timber and have stacked it neatly in the timber store rack.
Potted up the tomatoes from the vending machine cups and put them in the bottom of the grow house.
Watered all the plants that needed to be watered.

Found part of a fire guard that is ideal to stop the foxes and cats getting into the greenhouse and it means I can leave the greenhouse door open so that the greenhouse does not over heat and it has air flow to prevent any nasty fungal growths.

Set the hoses to dribble mode on the runner beans and the grapes - as there is a splitter on the hose as  long as the guy on plot 3 is watering, my runner beans and grapes will be watered.

Sunday 7 June 2015

Sunday 7th June Update

Sunday 7th June 2015 - Early visit got there at 8:00am and was there until 1pm I made good progress.

Sieved the soil from the spoil heap on bed 7 and spread it on Bed 8 after weeding - erected the cucumber frame

Bed 9 - Cleared the volunteer Potatoes from the Onion Bed and harvest those onions that have started to drop their tails sowed half the bed with rows of parsnips provided by Edita from parsnips that had
gone to seed - I'm really hoping these take and I have not had a lot of luck with parsnips

Bed 15 - erected another mesh panel and planted the peas in gutters - really easy I will definitely do it that way again much easier than modules.

Bed 14 - sowed some French Beans - Pickwick and watered using the pop bottle at depth 

Bed 16 Attached bars to two opposite sides of the net and added string at 2/3 height to hold back netting . Sowed carrots in the gaps from previous sowing.

More clips on the grapes

Thursday 4 June 2015

Volunteer Potatoes are still popping up

Another evening visit to water the plants in the greenhouse and nearly all the Swift sweet corn in the 3 trays have popped their little heads above the soil where as the Lark in the space saver at home are still struggling. Watered the plants on the allotment even though the weather forecast is for showers tomorrow, just encase it does not happen.

The potatoes in buckets are looking especially sorry for themselves, or perhaps there just nearly done.

Volunteer Potatoes are still popping up all over the place, I'm definitely planting as many in sacks and buckets as possible and will really sieve the soil when harvesting next year.

I will use 70% Soil 20% Compost and 10% Coco peat as a mix next year.

As the sun drops the biting insects arrive and it was time to depart and they like my sweet blood!   

Wednesday 3 June 2015

Assessing Wind Damage

A swift watering visit and to assess the additional high wind damage - looks like some direct re sowing of French beans and some backups in vending machine cups on the French Bean front, shame some are from the seed circle with limited spares.

One or two of the Swift sweet corn are starting to poke their heads above the soil and the next batch of peas are looking good in the guttering.

I sowed another two and a half rows of beetroots.