Sunday, 7 June 2015

Sunday 7th June Update

Sunday 7th June 2015 - Early visit got there at 8:00am and was there until 1pm I made good progress.

Sieved the soil from the spoil heap on bed 7 and spread it on Bed 8 after weeding - erected the cucumber frame

Bed 9 - Cleared the volunteer Potatoes from the Onion Bed and harvest those onions that have started to drop their tails sowed half the bed with rows of parsnips provided by Edita from parsnips that had
gone to seed - I'm really hoping these take and I have not had a lot of luck with parsnips

Bed 15 - erected another mesh panel and planted the peas in gutters - really easy I will definitely do it that way again much easier than modules.

Bed 14 - sowed some French Beans - Pickwick and watered using the pop bottle at depth 

Bed 16 Attached bars to two opposite sides of the net and added string at 2/3 height to hold back netting . Sowed carrots in the gaps from previous sowing.

More clips on the grapes

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