Friday, 18 August 2017

SoilFixer SF60 OWSOE2 Update

Update on the SoilFixer SF60 Overwintering Spring Onions Experiment 2 - 9 Days from sowing

SF60 @ 20% added to the MPC in the bucket on the left and plain MPC (Multi Purpose Compost ) on the right

Both Buckets germinated at the same time, both buckets have 110 Mr Fothergills Evergreen Bunching sown on the left and 110 Suttons White Winter Hardy Lisbon on the right. 

In both buckets the Evergreen Bunching were the first to show on Day 6 with the White Lisbon starting a day later on day 7 but are appearing at a much slower rate of germination than the Evergreen Bunching.

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