Sunday 31 December 2017

Plot 1A Review of the Year

It's time for a review of 2017 and to look at what was planned, what actually happened and why and what lessons can be learnt as a result.


I have been wanting an Asparagus Bed for some time, and I have a pack of seeds for Martha Washington Asparagus, 50 seeds To be sown April to May.

Reading the back of the pack they need to be spaced 450mm apart in both directions. If I'm going to have a permanent bed I'm guessing bed 16 or a row against the wall in one of the Runner Bean beds would be the best option. As I have another allotment I could always grow beans there as well. Something to think about over the Winter months.

I never got around to growing from seed, I did buy some asparagus but didn't have the bed ready on Spencer Road so gave them away. I still want to grow Asparagus but the plan will be to get the bed ready in 2018 and put crowns in on plot 1 in 2019


We eat and pickle a lot of beetroot, Currently on the plan Bed 3 is shown but as Bed 4 has become available as I'm now growing the Butternut squash around the base of the sweetcorn and I don't yet have a bed available at Spencer Road for beetroot, Bed 4 will also be beetroot in 2017.

Varieties 2016 Seed - Detroit 6 Rubidus, Wodan F1 Hybrid, Detroit 2, Pablo F1 Hybrid, Cardeal F1 Hybrid.

Varieties 2017 Seed - 4 x Thompson & Morgan Boltardy Seed Tapes, Boltardy, Alto F1 Hybrid

I normally start the beetroots off in the greenhouse in vending machine cups, this year will be a two pronged attack as I have four packs of seed tapes. 2016 seed will go into the green house and the 2017 seed tapes directly into the beds.  Successional sowing will take place every in a third of a bed length every 3 - 4 weeks so that they can be harvested and pickled in batches.  

Sow from March 2-4 weeks before the last frost when the ground is warm.

We did well for beetroots they were grown at both Mill Green and Spencer Road and enough was pickled for the immediate family, plus sister & sister-in-law to last out the year. The plan for 2018 is sequential sowing and thus pickling. We are also saving Doritos dip jars as they provide a wide neck and we use enough of them during the year that we can throw all the different size jars away and have one common size and cap type so that come pickling we are not playing a game of match the lid.       


These were a disaster growing from seed last year and I had to buy plants which really goes against the grain. This year I bought what I initially thought was a really good idea which was the Thompson & Morgan All Season Brussels Sprouts seed pack  How wrong can you be who in there right mind offers three varieties in a pack and then packs them all in a single packet see post here for more details.

Moving on from the Thompson & Morgan Fiasco, I have purchased Evesham Special from Premier Seeds Direct  & Bedford Darkmar 21 from Just seeds both for 99p a pack. My third variety is Brest F1 which I got from the Wyevale seed sale for 50p so that is three varieties for less than Thompson & Morgan were selling their All Season Brussels Sprout pack for so Up Yours T&M

Give up on purple sprouts, crap two years running don't intend to waste my time in 2018. A small harvest that had black fly so once skinned to a layer where the fly had not got too were small. I must look into what can be done to prevent this, they are covered in debris netting but obviously keeps out cabbage whites but not black fly. 


Currently on the plan butternut squash is shown as occupying Bed 4 but I have now decided to allow them to spread around the base of the Sweetcorn. The variety "Waltham" will be grown here and   "Butterfly" on the other plot

These went in far too late due to events outside my control, and we didn't end up with any in 2017, but with the new plot, and with wanting to get a whole load of manure, I have more than enough room to let them wonder around the area of plot 1 that I will not be getting too in 2018


I'm really undecided about cabbage, as I had such a disaster with it during 2016 mainly due to the vast amount of slugs, I have been contemplating Kale, one to ponder I think. Ideally small spring green type cabbages are what I'm after.

Slugs won in 2017 and we ended up with nothing, hoping for better results on slug killing and cabbage growing in 2018

CARROTS - Do best in beds that have not been recently manured

Not that many carrots grown in 2016, In fact I need to harvest them. I want to grow many more in 2017 and want to grow big "bugs bunny type" if possible. I have acquired a number of different variety seeds, four different types from Lidl, and I must say that the back of the packs are really not all that informative as the have vague instructions in four languages, so off to Google search for some better guidance, which I have typed up below:-

Rote Riesien 2 - is a large tasty good winter keeper. The German name translates to Red Giant.Sow: April – July outdoors Harvest: September – November

Keeps well; has an excellent flavor. Heat stimulates the carotene content. Versatile – an absolute must for any garden (vegetables, juices, raw).
Carrots need very fertile, well-loosened soil. Avoid fresh manure. Keep evenly moist both during and after germination! Ensure sufficient space for each carrot!
Carrots may be planted in the same bed no earlier than every 3 years.
Sow in March/April and June/July to protect against carrot flies!

Nantaise 2 - Medium late variety valued for its especially high carotene content (14.6mg %). Ready for harvest in 110 days. Forms long, cylindrical, bright orange colour fruits with blunt end medium length roots of about 15cm (6") long. This virtually coreless variety has a rich orange colour and sweet crunchy taste.

Height: 30cm (12"). Spread: 15cm (6") Seeds germinate at +3-4C. Grows best in well cultivated, fertile, light sandy or clay loam and warm, bright location.ideal for early sowings under glass in late winter for your first crop of the year. Sowing Months February, March, April, May, June, July

Berlikumer 2 - Sowing period March - April. Harvest September. Germination 18 - 24 days

Karnavit - Sowing early under glass, fleece or plastic and later sowing in early summer. Germination 18 - 24 days

Cosmic Purple I'm growing this because it's a novity and my younger daughter does not like carrot so lets see what she makes of a purple carrot - Sowing period March - April. Harvest 110 days from planting September. Germination 18 - 24 days  Length 180mm or 7"

Nigel F1 -  A main crop variety, store well in Winter, suitable for successional sowing  Sowing March - June Harvest July - December Sow thinly 10mm deep in drills 300mm apart, thin seedlings when large enough to handle allowing 20mm between roots

Scarlet Horn -  Early crop variety ideal for heavy soil, stony or shallow as a short stumped rooted carrot Sow February - June thinly in pre-watered shallow rows and cover with a little soil. Allow 250mm (10") between rows. Thin seedlings to about 20mm, keep soil moist until seedlings are established. This variety is better suited for Spencer Road and the soil is very stony  

The Wyevale seed sail is responsible for the Cosmic Purple, Nigel F1 and Scarlet Horn packs as I can't resist a bargain.

Due to the wife being admitted into hospital carrots just didn't happen in 2017, but they will happen in 2018 !  


The best cauliflower I have ever grown was during my first year, and I'm thinking it was beginners luck as I have yet to repeat the success, but I have to try at least one bed. I still have some Jamie Oliver Cheesy F1 seeds and All The Year Round Cauliflower seed Suttons 2016 and Mr Fothergills 2017 Sow indoors Jan - March / Sow Outdoors March - June Plant Out March - August and Harvest June - Oct so some successional sowing needed here me thinks to extend the harvesting season.   

Due to the wife being admitted into hospital carrots just didn't happen in 2017, but they will happen in 2018 !  


I have historically grown Marketmore & Burpless on this plot and they both did really well, however 2016 really was not as good as previous years for cucumber on this plot for some reason. I will try Marketmore again in 2017

Due to the wife being admitted into hospital carrots in 2017 they went in late, and still managed to supply us with our own cucumbers, planning two sowings in 2018 to extend the harvest period.  

GHERKIN - Piccolo Di Parigi - First year for growing Gherkins and only because my sister loves them so I'm having a bash at growing and pickling them for her

Went in late but produced enough to supply my sister and sister in law with picked Gherkins, will be grown again in 2018 


The greenhouse got limited use in 2016 as too much rubbish had / has accumulated in it. The plan is to empty, clean and reduce the staging in it such that I can use it for what it's meant for. The access problems in 2016 contributed to the lack of use , but I'm hoping the contractor will stop sitting on their hands with their thumbs up their backsides and put in the pick up and drop area they said they would for us. - Note to self chase the bloody site agent again.

Finally Redrow did start on the drop off and pick up area & the composting WC, but then stopped and have been chased. Obviously for them it's a back burner job when they are between tasks on their development and I fully understand that coming from a construction background. We have something that is useable but just needs to be completed which hopefully will happen before the growing season in 2018 

Over winter the objectives were

  • Clear the greenhouse completely - Nearly but now full of weed membrane for plot 1 
  • Build a replacement for the Tomato Grow House - Nope a job for 2018
  • Clear and Tidy the storage Area - Nope a job for 2018
  • Decant Nettle tea into Comfrey Tea Water Butt
  • Ship Nettle Tea Butt to Spencer Road - Now had to come back " 

Long Green Striped   - To be used by Dec 2018 Sow April - May Harvest July Onwards
Long Green Trailing Exhibition Marrow - from Jungle seeds no use by date on the pack or sowing and harvesting information other than sow in peaty sterile seed compost 7mm deep at 25-30C Germination  2 - 3 weeks. Once germinated these grow rapidly and will need good light. Plant out after all frost have passed in a rich manured compost.   

Didn't happen in 2017 - now scheduled for 2018


This is something new that I want to try and grow in the greenhouses at both allotments in 2017. I have three different varieties to try, Rugoso di Cosenza giallo, Ogen & Sugar Baby.

The packs appear to say Sow from March to May, Plant out May June and Harvest August to September / Early October.   

Didn't happen in 2017 - now scheduled for 2018


Bed 13 currently shows Over Wintering Onions, however no onions will now be grown on this allotment due to the white rot problems on the site, so all onions to be grown on Spencer Road this year. So that means I need to find something else for bed 13.

Grown on Spencer Road but also had White Rot problems - going to try plot 1 in 2018


My parsnips were allowed to go to seed on this plot last year. They were given to me by Edita another plot holder and after three sowings of bought seed that did nothing, the ones from the allotment seed took and I ended up with a wonderful bed of Parsnips. I have so many seed that I will be growing a bed worth here and on the other allotment. 

Didn't happen in 2017 must happen in 2018


Rotation so beds 5,7, 8 & 9 used this year, and first early spuds possibly subject to an experiment for SoilFixer in 2017 or 2018. Looking at also the possibility of building a Potato tower above ground if I can get hold of a few more Daleks   

In Buckets - See SoilFixer Experiment result Here

Swift - First Early - Among the fastest maturing of the first early varieties, being the quickest to produce heavy crops of round, smooth, white-fleshed baby new potatoes

Lady Christi - First Early - Lady Christl potatoes are an excellent first early variety that bulks up early in the season and can be harvested after just 8 weeks of sowing. Derek on the allotment had too many potatoes and offered me his excess last year and they were excellent and are defiantly on the list this year.

Second Early- Estima & Sarpo Kifli Spuds to be grown on Spencer Road Allotment

Sarpo Mira - Main Crop - last year 2 went manky and had to be thrown away before they got in the ground, and actually the ones in Wyevale look healthier and better sized and more consistent than those I received directly from the Sarpo people. The original blight buster developed for hard living and recommended by Dan on YouTube after seeing his reveals and as there was an offer I had to try them last year. A definite for this year just not sure if to purchase direct again or not.. 

Sarpo Axona Main Crop - Blight resistant, red skinned main crop.  Floury potato idea for chipping, mashing and baking -

Sarpo Blue DanubeMain Crop -  Unusual blue skinned variety with strong resistance to tuber blight.  The perfect roastie!

Desire - Main Crop - They grow well on my allotment

King Edwards - Main Crop - Fluffy Texture Ideal for Baking or Roasting, the kids disagree about the baking as they prefer the Estima -  2kg sack bought from Wyevale last year  

Not all varieties made it into the ground due to events outside my control - will review for 2018 and repeat SoilFixer experiment in 2018. Sarpo Spud were poor and lot a lot to wire worm in 2017


Something that I have wanted to grow for some time and have not really got around to it as it needs a static location, however now I have the other plot I will have room. I managed to get the seed for Glaskins Perpetual Rhubarb off the Grapevine seed circle so the plan is to grow from seed in 2017 still not decided if it should live here or at Spencer Road or perhaps both locations?  

Donated Rhubarb in buckets in 2017 going to be brought from Spencer Road Site to Mill Green. There is also Rhubarb on plot 1 which will be split and relocated and I have been promised some Rhubarb by one of the seed suppliers to trial in 2018


Last year only one bed of runner beans were grown, in 2017 both beds will be grown - Scarlet Emperor seeds from 2016 will be used.

Good as usual and will be grown again in 2018


Two beds of sweetcorn planned for this allotment variety Lark F1 and two beds of Swift on the Spencer Road. Butternut squash to be gown in the same beds as the sweetcorn to maximise the growing area. I'm happy for them to wonder over the path between the two adjacent beds.

Only two beds on Mill Green grown and they were stunted and late and were not as good or prolific as previous years, but everyone I have spoken too has said the same and put it down to the crazy weather conditions early on in the year. 


The F2 Crimson Crush did really well on the allotments over the last two year, I will grown some outside again or in Flower Buckets if beds are not ready for them as well as the Rapunzel out in the open. I will also grow some small bush varieties in the Greenhouse as it's only 1.8m x 1.2m of 6ft x 4ft. The covered grow house skin has finally failed and if repaired in time, tomatoes will be grown there as well as in the Little House on the Allotment extension to the shed.

22 Tomato plants grown at home in 2017, hoping to try and grow some on the allotment in 2018 .


I have received two packs of wildflower seed for bees from two different sources this year. Historically I have not grown flowers on the allotment apart from the Daffs and Bluebells that come up early in the comfrey beds and the Poached Egg Plants that are grown to attract aphid eating ladybirds. This year I will plant a minimum of 4 - 6 flower buckets of wild flowers per allotment and move then around to encourage the pollinators in.  

Planned but didn't happen, hopefully it will in 2018

Saturday 30 December 2017

Wind Challenge

The plan for today was to cut the remaining two 3m x 2m sheets into 666mm wide strips 3m long, but with the wind being high there was no way that was going to happen, outside using the washing line to hold up the sheet. The saw horses are buried deep in the sheds and are not accessible. Lets face it both shed are so full of stuff that I can't get to anything and that's going to have to change in 2018. I'm going to have to become a little ruthless and actually throw things away in 2018, and yes I say the same every year, but this year it must happen.

The solution was to use two fold out tables that we use indoors occasionally and the scaffold board which is stored in the brick shed which I can get at and work in the kitchen and cut the sheets with the soldering iron in the traditional way.

It really didn't take too long and I ended up with another six path width rolls 3m long to add to the six that I cut the other day which is 36m of path weed membrane in all.

Looking at the plan I'm going to need 7 rolls to cover the paths between bed 1 - 6 and the path parallel to the North wall on plot 1A.    

Friday 29 December 2017

Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention

A few weeks ago I cut 2m wide weed membrane into 4 number 3m lengths and marked out three 666mm wide strips to be used for the 600mm wide paths that need to be weeded and covered on plot 1A.

The weather has not helped as usual December has been cold icy and wet. That combined with Christmas, the wife's continuing health problems and a weekend away not a lot of physical allotment related work has taken place. I have been doing more web building, Facebook group building,  review and amendments to the Allotment Gardening Guide used by the borough and Idverde and things relating to getting the LBS Site Rep Association up and flying.    

We no longer have the timber table in the back garden as this was replaced and was taken down to the allotment and turned into a potting bench in September, thus I'm having to be a bit creative to find something to cut upon, or another means of cutting the sheets.

I then had a Eureka moment and decided to hang the sheet on the washing line and use the soldering iron shaft rather than the tip and cut the sheets. Yes I had to hold the sheet away from it other half and against the wind, and the cut is a lot more ragged than when using the tip on a scaffold board that I used to lay on the garden table, but it works and I now have six number of path width sheets in the boot of the car, ready to go down to the allotment on the next visit.

Sunday 24 December 2017

My Leaf Collection Groweth

A swift visit to take down two buckets of shredded paper and a couple of sacks of leafs from the front and back garden plus about another 15 sacks from my daughters place which they brought down to the allotment in her partners small van.

For the moment they are being stacked on bed 9, but will be moved into the bread basket cage somewhere on plot 1 once I have done a little more clearing and have covered it with weed membrane, which hopefully will be during January next year.

Friday 22 December 2017

I Won Chilli Pepper Seeds !

The Chilli Seeds that I won in a recent Mr Fothergill's Facebook competition arrived complete with a neat fridge (filing cabinet in my case) magnet that I'm going to have fun playing with. Looks like I will be having a bash at hot peppers this year in addition to the others.

Sunday 17 December 2017

Sprouts For Christmas

A swift visit to the allotment Sunday to harvest sprouts for Christmas Dinner, some were past there sell by date because I didn't get around to harvesting when they were ready other were fine but when you start peeling them and find the bugs or bug eggs inside and you get to a level where you believe there aren't any more, there is not a lot of sprout left !

Two small bags worth from 8 plants and a lot of effort, but a bucket with lid worth of material for the compost heap. I will not be growing the purple sprouts anymore, I've tried then two years running and they have not amounted to anything worth having.

Nice to see our new young couple on the site busy attacking the brambles and burning what they have been clearing, if they carry on like this they will be ready to get some stuff in early next year.

There were five of us there Sunday morning which isn't bad seeing as we are such a small site.

Saturday 16 December 2017

Has He Dropped Off The Planet ?

In a word no, I'm aware I have not posted anything for over three weeks. I've just been really busy with family health matters, I've had a weekend away with the family, the weather has been awful and I have been dealing with setting up a Facebook Group and a Web site for London Borough of Sutton Site Reps, which is why the page has gone from this blog which was its temporary home, as it now has a nice new home of its own.

I have been shredding paper and compressing it in buckets with lids and collect leaves and dropping them down to the allotment in preparation for making compost in 2018. It was during one of those drop off visits that Redrow & Natta Construction were again working on clearing the area for the composting toilet that they are donating and installing.

The guy on the digger was waiting for a skip to arrive so that they could ship out the debris, so I asked him if he would like to assist me in digging out the hump of composting weeds that the previous owner had stacked in the internal corner formed by the boundary wall, and levelling and filling the holes left by the foxes den and the Hawthorne tree roots that have been dug out.

It took him less than five minutes to do what would have taken me a good day to dig out by hand, and was worth a small drink as a thank you. Yes I still need to dig and remove weeds but he has leveled the area where the shed and greenhouse is planned to go.

Thus I didn't feel bad about the fact that I had missed two Sundays due to inclement weather and having a life outside of the allotment.

I should have asked the guy with the digger to remove the trees along the return wall, but I had to get off the site before the skip lorry arrived and only thought about how easy that would have been when I was halfway home. Never mind I'm happy for the help and what he did do for me

So on the next visit, harvest the sprouts ready for Christmas Lunch, trim up the foliage and trees along the return wall and dig them out. If I can get some weed membrane cut for the paths then sort out the area in front of the beans so that all the paths on Plot 1A will be covered and completely weed free again.

Thursday 23 November 2017

Playing With The Plot Layout

It's that time if year when you can't get on with things on the plot because of the weather and the dark evenings, but what you can do is plan how you are going to layout your new plot.

I've tweaked the plans and have decided to re define the boundary between plots 1 & 1A and it will run mid way between the beds should I ever have to divide the two plots up again.

Plot 1A End - If divided then the boundary will run between beds 1 & 2,  12& 13 and  29&30

Plot 1 End with fruit on the South West boundary as a living fence of Raspberries

Tuesday 21 November 2017

Trees Are In Their Buckets

So a dash to the allotment this afternoon and although the photo looks bright it was getting dark as I finished potting up the trees into the buckets.

The name of the tree is on one side of the rim and the type of fruit is on the other.

This is not their permanent home just somewhere for me to place them and give them a drink of water before I find a temporary home for them whist I continue clearing plot 1.

I have managed to empty out over half of a Dalek of compost filling these and the Auger I bought off ebay more than earned its money today as I had let the compost dry out a little too much.

Rockworth multi purpose drill attachments bought in 3 piece and can be used for tasks such as mixing paint and cement, weeding, cultivating and digging holes for the princely sum of  £7.95 free delivery from ebay

Auger 1 length 29cm diameter 10cm
Auger 2 length 29cm diameter 8cm
31cm extension bar

Ideal for mixing and breaking up compost in a Dalek with the battery drill not so good for drilling holes in clay.  

Lucky Dip Tree Offer Arrives

The  Lucky Dip Offer on a  selection of 6 Fruit Trees in 9cm pots, from Jersey Plants Direct - Normal Price £59.97 for £19.99 with free delivery arrived today and I'm really happy with the condition of the trees and packaging. The Lucky dip was from  

Cherry Sylvia,
Plum Black Amber
Apple Golden Delicious
Apple Braeburn
Pear Conference
Pear Doyenne du Comice

The Selection is made at random and they cannot guarantee which varieties you will receive 

I've ended up with

1 x Cherry Sylvia,
1 x Plum Black Amber
1 x Apple Golden Delicious
2 x Apple Braeburn
1 x Pear Doyenne du Comice

So the missing one from those available was the Pear Conference

I'm not too upset about not having a Conference Pear. So I feel a visit to the allotment to plant these little beauties into 30 litre buckets is in order this afternoon.

Sunday 19 November 2017

Clearing Plot 1 - Day 4

An early Sunday morning start around 8:15 as last week and today the target was still to remove as much Hawthorn and Bramble from against the wall as possible

Day 1
Day 4

Wally gave me a hand to expose what now appears to have been a foxes den, after I exposed more ground and found another entrance into a cavernous hole in the ground which was under the Hawthorn and Brambles  

Day 1
Day 4

There was lots of rotting wood in the corner which has been laid out on top of a pallet and covered with the cold frame skin to stop it getting saturated. Once dry it will get burnt along with the remainder of the Hawthorn from along the first wall once it has been removed

View into the internal corner formed by the wall, which I now know is a mound of weeds that the previous tenant used to pile there supposedly as a compost heap! with the holes from the Hawthorn that was dug out and relocated and the foxes den, plus the difference in levels between plots 1 and 1A I should be able to spread out the heap and level off the area when the shed and green house are going.

View from what will be the entrance to Plot 1 directly off the main path just inside the entrance to the allotment. The mound of cuttings from last week were added to and the whole lot burnt

So it looks like a couple more visits of cutting stacking drying and burning to go, then I can strim and cover the whole plot and start sorting out the shed and greenhouse area. Lets hope the weather holds and I manage to get those couple of days in before Christmas. 

Wednesday 15 November 2017

Tomatoes By Growth Habit

If I can get the second greenhouse on Plot 1 and extension to the shed and two other extensions for short bush type tomatoes in place for next year, then I really need to sort out which ones in my tomato collection they are.

In addition with all that wall it may be worth having a few varieties in hanging baskets or those upside down hanging baskets, the only trouble would be the squirrels that run back and forth along the wall would likely eat them.  

Using the back of packs, Google and The Tomato Variety List  I have sorted by Growth Habit for my current tomato collection 

Cordon/Indeterminate tomatoes - these varieties of tomato plant are the most common and are grown as cordons (single stemmed plants with side shoots removed). They will grow very tall - sometimes taller than 2.5m in very warm conditions.

Alicante - Sow by 2017
Arnyalma - Grapevine 2016

Berkeley Tie-Dye - Grapevine 2016
Big Yellow Zebra - Grapevine 2016
Blaby Special - Saved 2014
Black Cherry Tomato - Grapevine 2016
Black Russian - Grapevine 2016
Brown Sugar - Grapevine 2016

Blush - Grapevine 2016
Camp Joy - No Date
Chiapis Wild - Grapevine 2016

Crimson Crush F3
Cuban Flower - Grapevine 2016
Dark Galaxy - Grapevine 2016
Delicious - No Date
Ferline F1 Hybrid
Gardeners Delight - Sow By 2015 - Sow By 2016
German Lunchbox - No Date
German Queen - Grapevine 2016

Green Zebra - Grapevine 2016
Gold Rush Currant - Grapevine 2016
Harbinger - Sow By 2015 - Grapevine 2016
Indian Bush - Grapevine 2016
Jack Hawkins - Grapevine 2016
Kenilworth King George - No Date
Legend - Grapevine 2016
Marvel Stripes - Saved 2015
Money Maker
Nector Rose - Saved 2014
Outdoor Girl - Saved 2015 - Saved 2016
Peace Vine - Saved 2015
Piccolo - Saved 2011
Pomodore Ciliegla - Sow By 2015
Purple Russian Plum - Sow By 2014
Rainbow Blend F1 Hybrid - Sow By 2015
Rapunzel F1
Red Buffalo Horn - Grapevine 2016
Red Cherry - Sow By 2015
Red Fox Cherry - Saved 2015

Red Zebra - Grapevine 2016  - Saved 2014
Speckled Roman - Grapevine 2016
Stupicke Poini Rane - Saved 2016 - Sow By 2017

Summer Cider - Grapevine 2016
Sunset Red Horizon - Saved 2014

Sweet Aperitif - Sow By 2017
Sweet Pea Currant - Sow By 2014

Tiger Cherry Plum  - Grapevine 2016
Tigerella Thompson & Morgan - Sow by 2020 <<<< NEW
Tomatoberry Garden F1
Vesennij Mieurinsky - Grapevine 2016
Yellow Perfection - Grapevine 2016

Semi-determinate - these are similar to indeterminate varieties (grown as cordons) only they produce shorter plants.

Amish Mayberry - Saved 2013 - Saved 2016
Attraction - Marshalls - best by 2017 <<<< NEW
Black Icicle - Grapevine 2017

Bush/Determinate - these varieties stop growing sooner than indeterminate varieties with the stem ending in a fruit truss. They are referred to as ‘bush’ and ‘dwarf’ types (suitable as hanging basket tomatoes) and don’t require any pruning.

Container / Pot

Bajaja - Thompson & Morgan Sow by 12/2019 <<<< NEW
Balconi Red - Thompson & Morgan Sow by 12/2020 <<<< NEW

Minibel - Sow By 2014
Red Robin - Saved 2015
Rosella - Grapevine 2016
Sub Artic Plenty - No Dates
Super Roma - No Dates
Tiny Tim - Sow By 2013

Container / Hanging Basket

Cherry Cascade Thompson & Morgan Sow by 12/2019 <<<< NEW
Cherry Falls F1- Mr Fothergills - Sow By 2020 <<<< NEW
Cherry Kisses - Thompson & Morgan Sow by 12/2019 <<<< NEW
One Hundreds and Thousands - Saved 2014 - Saved 2016
Terenzo F1 Hybrid - Sow By 2015 - Sow By 2017
Tumbler - Sow By 2014
Tumbling Cherry  - Mr Fothergill's - Sow By 2020 <<<< NEW
Tumbling Tom Red  Thompson & Morgan - Sow by 2020 <<<< NEW

Out Door Bush

Red Alert Thompson & Morgan - Sow by 2019 <<<< NEW
Black Sea Man - Grapevine 2016
Cream Sausage - Grapevine 2016
Heinz Soup - Saved 2011
Indian Bush - No Date
Kibitz - Saved 2016
Latah Bush - Saved 2015
Mountain Princess - Grapevine 2016
Mrs Rucks - Grapevine 2016
Plum Roma - Saved 2015
Rio Grande - Grapevine 2016
Sandpipe/ Sandpoint - Saved 2016 - Saved 2015
Sweet Pea Currant - Sow By 2014

Variety Yet To Be Determined ?

Otto's Papa - Grapevine 2016

Seed Saving

The aim is to save as many different varieties as possible to freshen up my stock of seeds and to use for exchanging on various seed circles in 2018.