Plans for Mill Green Plot 1

This page is currently being updated with what's planned for 2023


Spring     20th March - 20th June - Planting, Growing and Harvesting  
Summer  21st June - 22nd Sept - Harvesting
Autumn   23rd  Sept - 20 December - Harvesting & Infrastructure works
Winter     21st December - 19th March - Infrastructure works


Due to my leg injury in 2019 and then five months of shielding my wife against Covid-19 the infrastructure of Plot 1 took way longer that I had anticipated, here is where I was as of the 14th December 2020.


Here is a photo of progress taken on the 23rd Dec 2021

For the moment, I have no idea what I'm going to grow in bed 12 it will more than likely be Potatoes.  

Over the Winter months my plan is to try and get the bottom of plot 1 dug over and weed free so that I can install a greenhouse climbing frame in the corner and get the Square Foot Gardening beds in and the Superdome Tunnel infrastructure in place. 


Beds H1 & H2 are 600mm wide and are on what was the boundary of plot 1 & plot 1A and at the moment both are going to have Tomatoes out in the open on the allotment.


I have Three Rhubarb Livingstone plants supplied from D.T.Brown that arrived in May 2021 and are now in a 600mm x 600mm bed each. I took no rhubarb in 2021 and a small amount of Rhubarb in 2022 and made Rhubarb crumble, in 2023 I will be able to take a whole lot of Rhubarb.  


Four Raspberry beds are in place and three planted up with 2/3 of the D.T.Brown Long Cropping Raspberry Collection as I'm waiting for the Polka to arrive as I was sent Autumn Treasure in error.  

The three square foot gardening beds, need the timber cut and painted and the beds and paths dug and weeded before the end of March beginning of April ideally, the plans for what I'm going to grow in those beds can be found in the post Square Foot Gardening Layout.

Use this link if you want to follow my Square Foot Gardening Adventures


I’ve grew Aubergines in 2022 and got a lot of foliage but nothing in the way of fruits I want to grow them next year for a friend who makes Chutney and sells it for charity.  I've decided to go for Black Beauty and to grow them in a Superdome Tunnel on Plot 1 which will be placed parallel to the wall and will pick up a lot of direct sunlight and reflected heat from the wall. 

Greenhouse Climbing Frame 

The very bottom corner of the plot is going to have a 1.8m x 1.8m greenhouse frame which will be covered on the sides with mesh. There will be a U-shaped bed installed and I will be growing climbing vegetables up it.

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