Friday 4 August 2017

SoilFixer Over Wintering Spring Onion Experiment

So following on from getting white rot on my onions on the allotment I have decided to sow two buckets one with Multi Purpose Compost and the other with MPC Plus SoilFixer SF60 at 20% by volume.

So first thing was to stick a copper band around the flower bucket as I don't want the slugs and snails eating my experiment over the winter. I don't know how the little buggers get into the greenhouse but they do manage it somehow.

The Compost was put into the flower bucket and the jig used to compress the compost and a dibber used in the holes to mark out the spacing for the Mr Fothergill's Eiffel Spring Onions. Looking at the back of the packs I have found some other onions that can be sown in August & September they are, Mr Fothergill's Evergreen Bunching and Suttons Ramrod so I may do a few more buckets using them.

I was quite impressed with how well the jig worked

A little time consuming but I do find this kind of thing fairly therapeutic  

Watered in and then placed in the space saver Greenhouse with the other Bucket


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