Monday, 8 June 2015

Planted Cucumbers and Cleared the Growhouse

Monday 8th June 2015
A morning visit taking tomatoes and cucumbers from the space saver at home to the allotment

Planted the Cucumbers in bed 9

I cleared the grow house of all the timber and have stacked it neatly in the timber store rack.
Potted up the tomatoes from the vending machine cups and put them in the bottom of the grow house.
Watered all the plants that needed to be watered.

Found part of a fire guard that is ideal to stop the foxes and cats getting into the greenhouse and it means I can leave the greenhouse door open so that the greenhouse does not over heat and it has air flow to prevent any nasty fungal growths.

Set the hoses to dribble mode on the runner beans and the grapes - as there is a splitter on the hose as  long as the guy on plot 3 is watering, my runner beans and grapes will be watered.

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