Friday, 11 September 2015

From the 7th - 11th September

OK a very slow week re gardening as too much work to do. A visit to water the toms and harvest on Wednesday 9th. Managed to cut the grass as it had been dry for a couple of days on Thursday 10th and dropped the two sacks of grass together with a carrier bag of flowers and kitchen compost and a carrier bag of paper shredding's to the Allotment on Friday 11th.

I came home on Friday  with a bunch of white and red grapes as well as more tomatoes, the red are not bad but the whites I suspect need a little more time as they are a little sharp. I only picked some as the birds have started on them and I thought the wife would like to see and taste.

If I grow them at the new allotment, I will have to look for seedless and sweet tasting versions if you can get hold of such grapes that will grow in the uk? any comments or advice most welcome.

I may try and move the reds with me once they are dormant and will have to see about the whites once they have had a little more time and I can see if they taste any better.

The weather forecast is for rain over the weekend so it does not look like I will be making much headway on either allotment this weekend  :(

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