Thursday 6 June 2013

5th June 2013

5th June - I had a site visit in Gypsy Hill and came back to the office right past the allotment just before lunch, so I stopped off for my lunch at the allotment - quick sausage roll from the snack wagon and 3/4 of an hour of weeding.

Mike from Mencap was there and had wondered who had left him all the metal for the scrap dealer.

Adi's old Mum could not work out how to use the hose because of the splitter, I soon got her up and running.

Barry and his other half turned up just as I was leaving.

Also watered the spring onions that I planted out from modules last night as they were looking a little on the sad side. No visit this evening as people picking up the last of the stuff I have put on free cycle for collection, hopefully we exchange contracts Friday and complete next week .....

The rude gnome from Mums garden is also destined to join the Monkeys at the allotment (I will add a picture of him once he is down there). 

Next job if the weather holds has to be the grass in the front and back garden

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