Tuesday 4 June 2013

3rd June 2013

We visited tonight to water and take more buckets and bits and bobs to the allotment and some more metal for Mencap. Harvested a large plastic container of nettles filled 1/4 full with water and placed another container on top with a brick on to make nettle tea.

Fixed the leaking water tap and set up a two way splitter as Owen was also watering from the same tap.

Thinking about growing salad in seed trays between the Brussels as I have weed membrane down - not sure that a shallow seed tray is adequate?  Came home and watered my babies in the cold frame and gave the young toms some blood fish and bone, to try and buck the sick looking ones up a little, thought I may as well after seeing Gardeners World the other night. 

Nearly forgot it looks like the fox has taken a liking to my sprouts and has torn some of my netting trying to get inside the hoops - Any suggestions how to keep him out of my plot?

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