Thursday 20 June 2013

Wednesday 19th June

No lunch time visit to the allotment as I was working from home, a swift early evening visit to the allotment to water Keith's and my plots, and to take a pile of timber battens down there. My neighbour rescues the timber from the builders/ roofers yard that he keeps clean and tidy. It's new timber and if I didn't have it he would just burn it :nowink:

In the past I have used it for making up the pop bottle frames and the bases to the hoop frames and I will use some to make an extension to the shed I have in mind, and some tray staging if I bite the bullet and get that poly tunnel I've been looking at:D

Then home and watered all the plants in the mini grow house and cold frame and transfer some lettuce from modules into large plots. Transplanted one the larger toms to it's final large patio plot home, and had a general tidy up.

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