Thursday 27 June 2013

Thursday 27th June 2013

Meeting my sister lunch time so no mid day visit today, went to work via B&Q and picked up 15 builders buckets at a £1 each for my toms for the greenhouse and grow house on the allotment and in the back garden.

I will drill four holes around the outside at 12, 3 6 and 9 o'clock about an inch up from the bottom so that the bucket retains water at the bottom when watering. Instead of crocks in the bottom I have some water retaining jelly to add to the compost in the bottom and I have been keeping all the bottle caps from those used to build the greenhouse panels which will go into the bottom of the buckets to create some voids to also hold water.

A light rain tonight on the way home and after the evening meal which included my first picked radish (others too small) the ground is wet but not saturated, so I will give visiting a miss tonight, shame I'm kinda addicted to going, and I wanted to take the pick axe to the rest of bed 8...

Ho Hum .....think I'll go and check the weather forecast for the next five days....

Captains log supplemental -

Friday      100% Chance of Light Rain
Saturday    20% Chance of Rain Partly Cloudy
Sunday        0% Chance of Rain Partly Cloudy
Monday      30% Chance of Rain Few Showers
Tuesday     30% Chance of Rain Scattered Showers

So looking good for Sunday .... Yipppeee

Making another bird scaring windmill but this time using a small coke bottle, wife is just looking at me and shaking her head
  :nowink: and rolling her eyes  ::)  ...... apparently it is sad to see a grown man playing Blue Peter ...

Ummmm wonder if I could still make Tracey Island?      

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