Saturday 22 June 2013

Friday 21st June - The Mavericks new Album

Took three Gardeners Delight Toms into work for Tracey. Another lunch time visit, Listened to the Mavericks new Album in 10 years on the way there and back ... cracking stuff, also listening whilst typing this up. 

Here is some old stuff

I gave the plants a water, I've been kind of expecting thunder and lighting because it's been so warm, humid and stormy looking the last couple of days.

Noooo, I have aphids on my beans, so I will have to return with some soapy water and give them a spray, that not likely to be until Sunday as the girls are taking me to see "We Will Rock You" Saturday as a belated Fathers Day present. Also the fried egg plants seeds that were sent to me by Surbie100 are now plants and sitting in my Cold Frame need to go down to the allotment and be planted around the beans so they can attract aphid eating insects.

The weed killer I sprayed a few days ago seems to be working along the path, As I had some time I took the pick axe to the rest of the "clay concrete" that has formed at Bed 7 and found some nice lumps of timber & steel buried under the hump that runs along parallel to the path.

I've been informed by Michelle and Barry that a previous tenant would deal with weeds by skimming the top and raking it all to that edge of the plot which is why he only grew in 3/4 of the width and there is a small anti gypsy caravan type very weedy hump along the path.

In the evening I attacked the back garden and evicted the "Phukarewe" Tribe of pigmy's that were living in the
long grass :D and managed to get the grass cut again, four sacks of grass cuttings - took the new wed burner to the path and cremated the weeds - It's so easy to use, and it's much faster than trying to scrape them out of the cracks.

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