Saturday 8 June 2013

Mini Greenhouse and Free Plastic Trays

On the way back from site I picked up some more Runner Beans from Homebase, I had to stop off to use their wc and it was a good excuse to get the beans. On the way out I noticed that they had put the trays that the plants come to them in a wire bin with please help yourself on it, so I did and picked up 7 plastic trays just right for holding my plastic cups. The cardboard trays don't last long once caught by the rain  ::) .

I also had to pass Argos and picked up a mini greenhouse that has been reduced from £21.99 down to £13.19 (saw the offer on a flyer via email this morning)

So a busy night spent most of it potting up the last of the Marigolds and the Cherry Toms and have nearly used all the plastic drink cups, so I will have to get to the 99p shop for more and some blue pellets of death, found another slug in the cold frame - How and where are they getting in from is what I want to know?

There is one pepper in the trays with the Marigolds can you spot it? ;)

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