Saturday 15 June 2013

14th June 2013

  • Nettle Tea all done and 4litres bottled
  • Comfrey cut, the bed weeded, and the tea making process started.
  • New Soaker pipe installed in the grape vine area and water hose modified
  • Some B**** Slug has managed to get to one of my peppers and have eaten the whole thing!!
  • Sprinkled the green house with blue pellets of death
  • Watered the toms and 5 remaining peppers with nettle tea
  • Jen Watered my plot whilst I watered Keith's
Jen bought wind socks after seeing my plastic bags from the bamboo and these have been erected on Beds 2 and 4 just hope light aircraft don't think my paths are runways

Now she is talking about getting solar lights  ::)...... God give me strength ....Beam me up Scotty!

Before and After the Slug attack - Didn't leave a lot did he? I hope it gave him wind  :nowink:

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