Saturday 29 June 2013

Saturday 29th June 2013

Spent 4 - 5 hours down the allotment

When it rained the other day the fat top to the grow-bag tom grow-house filled with water, So I cut a pallet up to create a high point in the middle and cable tied it into position, then made shorter packs for 1/4 points to that the water will nor run off - what a naff design in the first place.

The transplanted four toms up to B&Q buckets after drilling holes around about an inch from the bottom

Then sowed Beetroot, carrots and radish is the rest of bed 7 - Cut all the blue water pipe up and ended up with 9 hoops - then installed four with bamboo apex restraint cable tied and  debris netting over.

Returned later to water the plants.

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