Monday 24 June 2013

Sunday 23rd June 2013

Up early and down the allotment for 7am - Dug and weeded Bed 7 and the pathways around it. I left with three Black Bags of weeds and I filled a tug fill of stones.

I then trod the paths down ready for the lawn edging by and all by lunch time 12:30.  A very good five and a half hours work, I'm feeling very pleased with myself. I had to shelter in the shed a couple of times due to showers, and the sun made a short appearance as I was leaving.

Andy tuned up about 8:45, and Keith and Pauline made a fleeting visit mid morning, apart from that it's been just the two of us this morning. I use the framework with the hoops to measure out the bays and as a template for installing the lawn edging. The photo is how I left the plot.

Captains log supplemental - After lunch and watching Hugo in the early afternoon, I couldn't resist and a return visit with Jen for a couple of hours saw the edging installed the paths laid and the sweet corn planted out - and we covered the small frame in netting and put it over the sweet corn as a wind break.

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