Sunday 16 June 2013

15th June - Wind Socks

Dropped off 5 secondary glazing windows to the allotment that were donated to me by my sisters friend, and picked a little more comfrey to put in the pot. Very Windy and the wind socks were at full tilt. 

Potted up some more Toms into larger pots and placed short bamboo sticks around them to try and prevent a repeat of the broken tom - Some of these will join the others down the allotment - The Cherry and most of the Plum Toms are still way to small to be potted up in their final containers.

Topped up the compost in the plastic cups of peppers and other plants in the cold frame.

Planted a tub of British salad seeds as a cut and come again supply. potted up some of the little gem lettuce from modules into a tub. Must plant some more spring onions this weekend.  Marigolds are all doing well. I did notice that the surface of some of the pots were going a little green, I suspect I've been guilty of over watering. 

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