Tuesday 2 July 2013

Monday 1st July 2013

I found someone who can get the parts to fix the boiler and that's happening Thursday. And handed over the keys to the estate agent to Mums house, looks like I'm parking back on the road until I can get my drive done.

A quick visit to the plot to water and I have cut a couple of 600mm wide strips off the ever reducing carpet and laid it along the edge of the plot and eventually I will cover it in woodchips. that I'm happy to report the weed killer has done an excellent job.

Spent the rest of the evening sorting out the cold frame and the jungle that has grown - potted up some peppers that have really moved on and moved on some toms from small pots into large patio plots and then from plastic cups into the now empty pots. The garden is looking better but I'm still getting neck-ache from "she who shall be obeyed" that she can't see it all getting clear and tidy this year! 

Keith and Pauline came round and Keith went home with a selection of tomato plants (Cherry and 100s&1000s), and peppers (Traffic light and Mohawk).

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