Wednesday 10 July 2013

Wednesday 10th July 2013

Very Hot  8) , the grass everywhere is turning white and sun bleached and we have not had any real quantity of rain for a month - I know its not the best time to visit and work the allotment, but the office is driving me crazy at the moment and I'm loving getting away for lunch although I do have to work a little longer.

So a dash to the allotment, I removed the portable hoop frame that I use as a template to install the lawn edging the new stuff isn't as deep as what I had been using but it was extremely cheap - next year I may replace with timber. levelled the soil into the edges and installed four blue pipe hoops and a 2.4m bamboo cane along the top in preparation for covering once the plants go in.

There are a number of cabbage and broccoli plants in the cold frame just begging to go in the ground. Due to other commitments and my company is taking us to London Zoo to meet an armadillo and a BBQ to celebrate their 50 year anniversary tomorrow afternoon / evening there will be no planting until Friday night or Saturday morning.

OK I shouldn't do this but, I'm hoping to get over to the allotment early Saturday to draw back the last of the carpet and the plastic and prep the ground with the pick axe for Bed 9 and on Sunday Dig and weed Bed 9.

I also have a lot of weeds to get out from the beans, grapes and Sprouts in Bed 5 not to mention looking at my sick looking potatoes and perhaps harvesting some Charlottes

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