Tuesday 9 July 2013

Tuesday 9th July 2013

A visit lunch time and visit this evening and the paths around Bed 8 are in, complete with cardboard under from the boiler installed yesterday. Strange bit I watered the paths to assist the cardboard to relax into the trod path and the water ponded on top of the cardboard and wood chippings!

I shall have to keep an eye on this area and see how it performs against the others that don't have the cardboard cant be walking on soggy wood chips.

Our "friend" NOT the fox has been up to his tricks again and digging holes all over the place in paths and beds - I'm disliking him more with each visit. I'm wondering about throwing some BFB over the wild area near the entrance to try and divert his attention away from my plot, and empty the water I leave for the robin, which may be attracting him over.

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