Monday 22 July 2013

Monday 22nd July

An evening visit to water the plants and erect the bench, took some more bamboo for making greenhouse frames down with me and placed in what John calls the timber yard. Adi and Own were on site and Keith turned up just after we arrived to harvest some veg and water.

In the photos below you can see that I also had another go at pushing the overgrowing ivy and tree back as the corner was just full of dead leaves. Now I also have branches of tree to deal with and get rid off. The leafs will make it into the compost heap which I seem to be for ever filling and every time I open the lid there is just enough room for me to add more..... It's like magic

You can see in the photo that the sweet corn is nearly at the top of the hoops, and I'm going to have to uncover but I want to make something up to keep those foxes out as they have already flattened Barry's on plot 1 and shield them from the wind a little.

I can not believe how quickly the comfrey has gown back, I must harvest some more and get some more tea on the go.

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