Monday 8 July 2013

Monday 8th July 2013

Very hot and sunny again today - I had to empty my home office as the drain for the heating system is in here - originally it was next to my drawing board, now some 10- 15 years ago that got replaced with filing cabinets as I produce everything on computer these days, and I ended up just storing stuff under and on top of the drawing board.

So bottom line, I was hoping the boiler would be replaced quickly, and I might get half a day on the allotment - No such luck, I finished putting things back this morning and only made a quick visit in the evening to spray the aphids on the runner beans and water Bed 7 and the toms.

I feel like the year is getting away from me a little and I may get it all dug over and ready for next year but my plans for lots of veg is fast disappearing, Time waits for no man (or woman come to that)

B*&^%$£ Fox has decided he will visit walk all over bed 8 and dig a ruddy hole in the middle - I'm beginning to dislike him a lot
  >:( >:(

There has to be something that will keep the B thing away apart from a 12 bore - there must be some plant or smell they don't like - I have some tubs of BFB and Chicken Poo but don't want to use them because it will just encourage him. 

Thinking about using cardboard as well as the weed membrane under the woodchip paths to try and discourage the weeds - which need a good spanking again and I have not weeded for a week and a half and they are laughing at me again.

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