Saturday 27 July 2013

Allotment Update

Thursday 25th - Harvested the rest of the potatoes from Bed 1

Friday 26th - Water and weed Bed 7 lunch time.

Saturday 27th -  All in all a productive 3 hours on the allotment between 9:0 - 12:00 this morning

Weeded the Beans and Bed 5 the sprouts
Second dig of Bed 1 and pick up the stragglers that I missed the other night,
Raked the bed and then planted with 8 Broccoli plants -thru weed membrane
Placed the hoops and netting over.
Trimmed up all the potatoes foliage that was laying on the paths..
Trimmed up the lower leafs on the Toms
Gave the Toms a feed of Comfrey Tea.

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