Friday 12 July 2013

Friday 12th July 2013

Jen suggested that as we (she) wants to cut Snoopus tomorrow and she knows I want to get the plants out of the cold frame and into Bed 8 that we visit tonight and she will water whilst I plant and then we can both sort the netting out.

Planted  4x Cabbages,  2x Cauliflowers, 2x Broccoli  There is room in Bed 6 for an additional Cabbage as the purple one died but I didn't get time to sort out the netting and plant it tonight that will have to be a job for tomorrow night or Sunday Morning.

Keith and Pauline arrived shortly after us, and stayed a while on their way to water and harvest.

We managed to get out of the allotment just as it was starting to get dark and before the biting insects came alive! ( will need to find the collars in the shed and fit around the cabbages.

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