Monday 29 July 2013

Monday 29th July 2013

Evening visit to water the toms in the mini greenhouses - the wind was up and the skin to the mini greenhouse next to the shed had split - tied it back to the frame through the split - these grown hoses are really not a good idea unless you manage to pick them up dirt cheap at the end of season like those I got from ASDA.

This has really got me thinking about having a polytunnel for next year, if Keith does get a bigger greenhouse I will definitely take one of his small ones off him for the allotment.

The cabbages are getting huge so I picked the lower leafs from one row and filled two plastic shopping bags one for us and one for the wife to take to my the sister in law tomorrow.

Tuesday Update - No surprise Cabbage was on the menu for evening meal tonight, and it tasted great with the home grown new potatoes, chicken, peas and gravy, I love home or allotment grown food, it has so much more taste that shop bought.

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