Thursday 18 July 2013

Thursday 18th July 2013

Picked up an old fire guard from my sister in the morning (you can never have too much mesh) then a quick 1/2 hour visit lunchtime in the way to undertake a schedule of conditions and I managed to drop off said fireguard and have half an hours weeding in the blistering sun (I don't think I could have done more anyway) but the beans look happier for the attention (well in my mind they do ;) )

After long last guy at Plot 3 has moved the shed (he was donated it by the previous owner so he says) off plot 3A and onto his plot 3. It's just a shame that he didn't do that earlier and that the young couple with the new baby didn't feel like they had to give up their plot.

A number of us did offer to help them get back on top of things but the shed, and the relationship with their neighbour was the final straw for them, as now with a baby they didn't have room to keep bringing tools backwards and forwards. and wanted the shed moved so they could have one of their own there.

An return visit with Jen to water our plot and my brother-in-laws, as he is on a training course and going to be too late back and would only become mosquito food if he visited at that time of night.

I've arranged for the Asbestos flower box to go from home Saturday morning, so one job is building a new timber one to take it's place the next is to jet wash the slabs under it as that will go the allotment. Also clean and paint the flowerbox brackets - find the BBQ in the back of the shed and tidy up the back garden - thank Heaven that the two apple trees mean we have some shade in the afternoon.

Keith and Pauline are going to come around for a BBQ in the evening. Sunday Morning will be pick axe bed 9 and get the paving slabs to the allotment so I can sort out the storage corner and get the racking up - I can work there in the shade until lunch time.

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