Sunday 21 July 2013

Sunday 21st July 2013

I lifted the slabs in the front garden that run behind the hedge (It's all coming up soon when the drive is done) and took them down to the allotment.

I've had an email that they intend to strap the crack in the wall behind my shed at the corner, and I have explained to them that there is another crack behind my shed and that the wall between the two cracks has shifted forward on it's DPC and that strapping to something that is already unstable in addition to the corner leaning such that its centre of gravity is out side the middle third of the width of the wall, that it should be rebuilt, plumb after they deal with the tree that is immediately behind it and is causing the problem.

So all the stuff in the corner came out and the slabs went down - providing a base for the metal racking system that John donated to me from his factory - It didn't take long to put together once the sitting tenants (frogs) found somewhere out of the way to go.

The fire guard that I picked up from my sister created 1 and a half shelf's and I started cutting up pallets to created the missing half to store the soft bricks (heavy milk bottles full of sand) that have proven so useful.

Had not finished by lunch time and had to go back in the late afternoon to finish off. The sun was so bad that I really just wanted to get done and back home in the shade with a cool beer.

I forgot the phone on the second trip so no pictures of the finished works but I did get the frogs during the first visit. I will post some pictures of what John has called my timber yard.

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