Saturday, 21 June 2014

Friday 20th June 2014 - The man from the council commeth

Well my 9:30 appointment never returned my letter of appointment nor my telephone call so I went to the allotment to meet the man from the council and the fencing contractor. Not a new fence going in a couple of post and they are going and try and pull it back up where the fire brigade pushed it down to get access to the fire.

Herris fencing 12ft” away from the 9”ft high wall to create an exclusion zone is the answer along plot 2 and l loose a sliver of my comfrey bed, so I have squared off the blocks and transplanted one comfrey plant.

The Bleeding fox has knocked over two more sweet corn so I have straightened them up and surrounded with bamboo and the bottom of bread crates for the moment until I come up with a better idea.

My little robin has been on the table today again, watching me cut up comfrey.

There is a yellow flower on my marrow plant.

So 3 hours on the plot and that’s all I had to show for it apart from looking at the plots that received notices with the man from the council and the lady on plot 6 wanting to clear plot 3 before the seeds on the weeds start spreading all around.

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