Friday, 20 June 2014

Thursday 19th June 2014

Up early and down to work with a site inspection at 8:30 - home about 10:15 change and down on the allotment for a couple of hours. Managed to ....
  • Get the greenhouse a little more tidy. 
  • Water the plants and I noted that two runner beans are now 1.4m high and one is just at the point where it is coming out along the overhang of the minty type frame.
  • Plotted on 5 peppers and placed on the top shelf in the greenhouse in a gravel tray of water as a moat against slugs.
  • Plotted on 5 Tomato plants as they were falling over in their little pots they have out grown  
  • Harvested two flower buckets of new potatoes. These were the early earlies, that were in the greenhouse.

Spoke to one of the lady plot holders about the council visiting tomorrow, she has received her improvement letter and she is working on clearing her plot, bless her really not her fault she has been in hospital and then lost her Mum. I just take the photographs, it's the council that send the letters. 

What people think is a baby robin came and sat on the table whilst I was harvesting the potatoes.

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