Monday, 16 June 2014

Sunday 15th June - Fathers Day

 It being Fathers day I didn't go to the allotment at 6:00 I waited for my daughter Emma to wake up (Kelly is in Devon with her mate Sara and Mr Broccoli) She did eventually surface at 9:15 so I could have got 3 hours in Doh!

Used the time to pot on 70 marigolds and sort out some of the planters they will eventually go into. I cleared the back of the garden where the mini poly tunnel / two shelf greenhouse stands so that the marigolds have somewhere to develop.

I have a 1/2 tray propagator with capillary matting, kitchen towel and parsnip seed at about 10mm centres which will hopefully chit and can be sown on, so far no action from the ones sown in loo rolls. The seeds don't last for more than a year so I may as well try everything I can to get something out of them so any other suggestions for starting them off would be appreciated.

I picked up two 1/3 size tray with propagator lids from the £1 shop and 3 packs of 10 Litres of compressed potting soil which comes in a pack 180mm x 180 x 25mm thick. you take off the label cut the top of the bag, add water and wait and it expands, see photo below...

It's got to be worth a try and if they are any good I will expect never to see them again in the £1 shop  :D 

I noticed today that I have fruit on one of my outdoors tomatoes, which strikes me strange that they have fruited before the 100s and 1000s in the greenhouse. The mini plum tomatoes have all germinated and I'm now watching them grow and will move them on to their own pots as soon as they are ready. I know it's late but it's an experiment nothing more.

More spring onions are showing each day but at a very slow rate, I really must so more early next year, I may try over winter in the allotment greenhouse. 

Emma cooked a lovely fathers day roast dinner with all the trimmings and we sat down a watched my kind of film Loopers (Science fiction - time travel), the girls didn't understand it (as usual) and I had to explain (as usual)    :nowink: 

Early evening a swift visit to the allotment to install some small pop bottles with the ends cut off near to the marrows and courgettes and then I watered them and the rest of the plot. I'm getting some of the leafs on the potatoes going yellow and dying off, all the leafs on the greenhouse grown early earlies in buckets have lost their leaf or are well on the way. They are no on the woodchip along the boundary with plot 1 next to bed 12

    Bed 01 Beetroot

Bed 02 Spring Onions 

    Bed 03 Spring Onions
Bed 11 Sweet Corn

    Bed 12 Sprouts

The standing up cable ties on the sprouts are to make it uncomfortable for Mr fox to lay on the top of the netting which he has done on Andy's and caused a near collapse of the structure and a flattening of the plants. That also why you can see two additional longitudinal ties and bamboo bracing.  The chest high weed of plot 3 are in the background.

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