Saturday, 28 June 2014

Captain Log Saturday 28-06-2014

Up and out at 5:30 and on planet allotment for 2 whole hours accompanied all over the plot by "Beautiful" one of the inhabitants who is extremely friendly but so far communication is all one way, however he appears to understand that I come in peace and mean him no harm.
  • Canine occupants have knocked over 3 trees and two tomatoes in flower buckets 
  • Planted the flower buckets in bed 4 to stop Basil Brush and his mates knocking the tomatoes over 
  • Cut up comfrey and recharged the comfrey pipe 
  • Harvested Spring Onions and Beetroots - trimmed and put cuttings in compost bin. 
  • Weeded the onion bed 2 got half a tug worth
  • Watered where required and picked up solids and washed fluid-ish solid fox poo off the patio area
Strange but the foliage on my potatoes appear to have grown something that looks like crab apples - darn camera not working so I couldn't get a photograph.
The early potatoes foliage is dying off but, it does not look like blackleg or blight I think it's just their time they went in on the 16th March so that's 15 weeks or 105 days ago. I may have to dug some up and take a look, the ones in the flower buckets that were in the greenhouse seem to be bucking up a little which I find strange.   

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