Monday, 9 June 2014

Monday 9th June 2014

My daughter Kelly and her friend Sara are going on holiday for a week - It has not gone unnoticed that she will be away for fathers day  :( . Sara is taking Mr Broccoli from Ikea away with them!.
A strange girl but a perfect friend for my crazy daughter, they make a right pair  :nowink:

I noticed yesterday that some of the baby beetroots sown on the 3rd June have already germinated (only 5 days that's amazing). So the propagator lids came off and now I'm watching for new signs of life on a daily basis. the seeding's are already leaning towards the front of the greenhouse so I've removed the trays from the shelf above so they get more direct sunlight. 

Immediate Jobs to do List (No particular order) UPDATE

01) Clear behind the shed and clear Bed 4
02) Prep Bed 4
03) Plant Cabbages
04) Hoops and netting Bed 4
05) Sow next wave of runner Beans
06) Plant out second wave of beetroots
07) Pot on Peppers
08) Pot on/ plant out Cucumbers
09) Install Kerb stones
10) Plant Trees in 30 litre buckets in the ground by kerb stones
11) Install Posts and wires for trees
12) Dig Bed 13
13) Dig Bed 14
14) Sow more spring onions - 14th June
15) Sow More Beetroot 14th June 
16) Plant out Marrows
17) Plant out Courgettes
18) Bring home and fix cheap £1 shop hose ends with furnox
19) Sow peas

late afternoon / early evening visit to water what remains in the greenhouse and pot on the last surviving tomato plants. I did water the allotment and the sun went in and it came over dark had I known it was going to rain I would not have bothered - Doh!

Peppers bought home to pot on and grow in the space saver

Changed the Allotment Reps report on the notice board removing all reference to the owner of plot 3's Christian name. Sent off photographs of all the plots to the Local Authority tonight. God I hope someone takes on Plot 3 who is actually going to clear the chest high weeds.

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