Monday, 23 June 2014

Sunday 22nd June 2014 - Attack Bed 13

An early start and I attacked bed 13 whilst it was in the shade. I had an audience for Mr & Mrs Basil Brush and they have been knocking onions over and generally be a pain in the rear end again not only on my plot but on other peoples.

I found the area where the guy before me stored all the stones he took out of his beds. And the bramble roots were a bugger to dig out, but with the pick axe and the fork I finally got the bed and the paths either side sorted. I also managed to get the hoops in place but need to take some more bamboo for the braces. So next visit the cabbages can finally get planted.

I managed to take the dog cage apart and tidy up the shed as I wanted to work in the shade. I did weed the runner beans and the spring onion bed and harvest some to take home. I really have to plant a greater quantity early and I will over winter in the greenhouses as those that survived the over wintering are a really nice size.

By 12:00 I'd had enough, it was too hot to carry on.

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