Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Tuesday 3rd June 2014

Light rain this morning but Lunch time sowing as the sun has come out and I have a nice new greenhouse begging to be full of stuff growing so 2 x tray or 30 x vending machine cups of SUTTONS Speedyveg baby beetroots F1 Action picked up in last years 50p sale. The pack says should be ready in just 10 weeks, and it shows to Sow in June and July so I will start off another 30 in two weeks time for successional harvesting.

The temperature has gone up this afternoon 22 C outside and 36 C inside the greenhouse and that's whilst the tree is shading it so I expect higher temperatures later.

Picked up some Epsom Salts from the chemist on the way back from the doctors for the potatoes on the allotment as the bottom leafs are yellowing and they could need a pick up - so that and some comfrey is in order I think next visit or this weekend. I suspect the rain is or has washed a lot of the goodness out of the soil.

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