Sunday, 29 June 2014

Sunday 29th June 2014

Up at 6:00 and on the allotment by 6:45. "Beautiful" has been around and with me all morning and tried to land on my shoulder then had second thoughts  :nowink:. He is so tame I'm sure he would eat from my hand. I've warned him about humans (excluding the gardening ones)  ::)

So Comfrey bed cut right back and the comfrey pipe filled such that the weight is sticking up out of the top of the pipe. The way it rots down it will not be like that for long. A good thickness in the compost bin. Plastic Tub filled and a weight applied and some scattered around some of the tomatoes.
Weeded bed 2 and cleared the pop bottle greenhouse off bed 3 dug out volunteers from last year that just keep coming and the weeds in and around the spring onions then erected a trellis for the cucumbers and planted them along it.

Sowed three rows of beetroots in front of the cucumbers.

Helped some of the beans find their bamboo and not their neighbours to climb and cut the head of the first runner bean to the end of it's bamboo - noticed ladybirds on the runner beans but very little sign of aphids at the moment.

Cleared the dying potato foliage from bed 7

Harvested two more flower buckets of early first early potatoes started off in the greenhouse and planted some more seed potatoes that have been given to me in the buckets - who knows if I get something off them it's a bonus.

Corn is now poking it's heads above the bread crates and getting taller every time I visit.

Cut and drilled some 1.2m lengths of plastic and reinforced the ends of the hoops against Basil and his mates who were down the far end of the allotment today.

Drawing Comfrey from the comfrey water butt and feeding the tomatoes and the cucumbers. the plastic container in front of the water butt is full of comfrey - that end of the allotment stinks a little especially when filling the watering can.

Came home at 12:45 ish and it's raining this afternoon - which is great for my allotment and will save me from watering the brother-in-laws for another couple of days ;)

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