Sunday, 1 June 2014

Saturday 31st May 2014

Early morning visit and get the sweet corn in the ground and the second bean bamboo frame erected ready for strings and planting out the second wave of beans which are to be 1/2 planted out and the other half sown. I had 3 more sweet corn than I needed so they have gone in the margin along the path at the end of the bed - waste not want not and all that.

The slugs and snails have already been bean bashing looking at the lower leafs and Micks grown in the ground have all been eaten all ready so it's going to be a tough year and I'm definitely starting everything I can off in the greenhouse first

Now home to jet wash the new level paving, erect the greenhouse then shred the cut branches from the tree up

Well after the jet washing it took nearly all day and most of the early evening to complete putting the space saver greenhouse together and then packing away the tools - but after decanting the plants from the cold frame into the greenhouse here is my Space saver greenhouse provided by the wife and kids for my birthday in early March

The timber base is to give it some weight to resist the high winds and to increase the width to make more stable, there are concrete kerb stones on the timber at the rear to weight it down and if necessary I can always add paving slabs inside.

With the additional bracing I bought its a very rigid structure. It holds 18 standard seed trays on the shelves and I have made sure that I can get gravel trays inside the timber frame so that I can water the tomatoes. This is where the seed circle 100's & 1000's are going to be isolated from the other tomatoes.

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