Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Monday 23rd June 2014

The wife asked me to drop her off at her sisters mid morning because her mobility is no so good today after helping my sister and I cut her hedge down Saturday. She suggested I go onto the allotment to get the cabbages in as I keep complaining that they should be in the ground by now.

I also think she want's me to concentrate on getting the back garden into order which I was doing last Saturday until my darling sister phoned and asked me to fix her hedge trimmer as she had cut through the power lead again!. There are some women that should just not be let loose with anything electrical apart from a washing machine, hoover and iron  :nowink:

So dropped off the wife and visited the allotment - cleared all debris mainly tarps, carpet and things for holding down like a pallet, blocks, soft bricks, lumps of timber etc. so I could actually kneel down to plant. Found the weed membrane I prepared earlier with the eight holes and found the bulb planter and went about planting after I had covered the hoops in net.

Last thing I wanted was cabbage white descending and laying. It was a good thing I did as there were
a few floating around together getting their wings over (or what ever cabbage whites do).

So an extended early lunch break and bed 13 is planted. Whilst doing this I also watered the tomatoes, beans, the compost bin, and just about everything else as it's so hot and dry. I have found some netting to go inside the greenhouse.

So here is what's left from my last list

01) Clear behind the shed and clear Bed 4 - Started
02) Prep Bed 4
04) Hoops and netting Bed 4
08) Pot on/ plant out Cucumbers
09) Install Kerb stones
10) Plant Trees in 30 litre buckets in the ground by kerb stones
11a) Cut off ends and paint posts with preservative.
11b) Take unused post from back garden to allotment
11c) Install Posts and wires for trees
13) Dig Bed 14
14) Sow more spring onions - ASAP
15) Sow More Beetroot - ASAP
19) Sow peas - Done now chitting and sowing more as poor germination rate
20) Fix shade netting inside the greenhouse

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