Sunday, 24 May 2015

Sunday Morning on the Plot

Really nice and warm got to the allotment early about 8 and came home at 1 - five hours flew by and I still didn't get everything done.

01. Runner beans poking their heads up so I fixed the strings to the bamboo minty frame
02. Inserted the 2.4m timber edging into Bed 1 and in the process
03. Removed the old woodchips that are now 3 years old and basically good compost and put some in compost dalek 1
     and 4 as they both needed a layer or brown
04. Barrowed now woodchip for the paths around bed 2, then found I didn't have the membrane to put
      in the cauliflowers

05. Made modifications to the skyscraper sprout frame - found netting and cable tied the joint and fitted the netting

06. Cut stakes for the spouts and installed with the plants this year!
07. Planted the 4 sprouts my brother-in-law gave me complete with root fly collars
08.  Found and dispatched the slug and snail to sluggy heaven that have demolished my cauliflower and sprouts
09. Ran a wire between the two eye bolts on the horizontal of the trees - I have mini apples on one branch.
10. Watered everything that needed watering inside and out

11. Cut a flower bucket of comfrey and filled the pipe up
12. Fixed a new rope to the comfrey pipe weight.
13. Moved the weed tea down to the comfrey and nettle tea

There are lots of flowers on the strawberries and a few are starting to go red  :)

There are the starts of bunches of grapes forming on the grape vine  :)

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