Tuesday, 12 May 2015

An extended lunch time visit

An extended lunch time visit - managed to get the hose sorted out and found the in-line connector in the shed. In the process I also managed to tidy up the shed so it's in a much better shape than it was, the boxes with lids have replaced lots of bags and plastic containers/ Tupperware of bits and bobs and it is now generally more rodent proof, and easier to keep tidy (that's the theory anyway). However having that tidy means there is a lot of dross in the greenhouse that will need to be bagged up to be thrown away as a result.

I managed to get the Ishikura spring onions and the Alisa Craig Onions into Bed 16

More comfrey cut and added to Dalek 4 and coffee added to both Daleks 1 & 4 and watered in.

Peas are doing well and the grape appears to be growing about an inch a day.

Bind weed in the strawberries so that needs sorting fast before it takes the bed over completely

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