Saturday, 2 May 2015

Potatoes and Onions

What was supposed to be a get the potatoes covered against the frost tonight quick visit turned out to be a little longer (well 2 and a half hour visit actually) as the woodchips had arrived and the grass paths had been cut and I HAD an empty dalek 1 :nowink:

HAD because it's now 2/3 full with alternating layers of grass, mulch woodchips, coffee grounds (a whole flower bucket went in thin layers), coco peat, leafs, shredded paper, last years warn out compost from pots and comfrey. Yes flowers are starting to form at the tips of my comfrey and I will need to clear and recharge the comfrey pipe soon. 

I also filled up 3 of the giant tugs with the woodchips, it's obviously pine because of all the leafs and the smell of disinfectant, so I will wait for more wood based woodchip for the path but hold this material for the brown to go into the compost. 

Potatoes in Bed 11 not under the netting are now protected from the frost by two sun tents off bed 14. Some Potatoes that were resting on bed 4 in the big pots are under the hoop and debris netting in Bed 11.

The others have gone under the hoop frame and debris netting on bed 3, except one that is in the greenhouse.

I opened the Onion Bed 9 and removed the volunteer potatoes and harvested some very strong smelling onions if they taste half as hot as they smell Jen and I will be very happy.

Beautiful my Robin was around me again today, then it was time to go home for lunch, and then a structural survey to do this afternoon.

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