Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Greenhouse Update

Burpless Cucumber
Cabbages and Tomatoes
Greyhound Cabbage  


Parsnips and Beetroots

Alison Craig Onions

Yet More Onions

Spring Onions and Tomatoes

Spring Onions

More Tomatoes

And Even Yet More Tomatoes

There are 3 trays in the grow house but I will photograph those later when it's dry.

Last night ordered a Solar Powered Oxygenator pond water oxygen pump with one air stone aerator for my compost tea, nettle and comfrey brewing so that the brews don't stink too bad and are hopefully a bit better than just leaving the water to stagnate.

It's another boy toy to play with on the allotment - I may have some stones and tube in the shed somewhere from the days of the goldfish and I may be able to hook up a couple of air stones one in each bucket

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