Monday, 18 May 2015

Forgot the screwdriver attachment for the drill - Doh!

Rain in the morning so no extended lunch visit today, but I did manage to pop down in the evening to water the carrots under the solar tent, and half have been consumed by invisible slugs! Barlambs I didn't put a trap inside the solar tent thinking the would not get in so it must have been the small ones in the ground come out to play  >:(

The debris netting on the ridge had drooped because of the high winds this morning as I had forgot to bulldog clip it so I added some more all round.

I tried taking the top of the grape either way and one of the branches snapped on be Bummox to quote GG.

Roberts plot was being retaken by nature was there clearing it once again, appears he has been unwell recently and he was surprised how much had grown. Looking at other plots the weeds have really grown in the last fortnight. We chatted for as while, and I passed on some seeds as he is a newbie and it's not as if I don't have enough.

Watered the plants in the greenhouse, and I was going to fix the hoops on the frame of bed 16 the realised I didn't have the screwdriver attachment for the drill - Doh!

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