Sunday, 17 May 2015

Nice warn dry day (A week of rain to follow according to the weather report. Dismantled the staging that going to a new home as I really don't need two outside the greenhouse and its basically just getting in the way. Surbie came over for a tomato exchange, a 2 and 6 tour and some slug traps. (Beryl you really need a real car lol)

Then I cleared out behind the shed, and again mucked out the greenhouse so I can get plants on the shelves from home, and hopefully some toms. Top of the growhouse is now clear of slug traps, what remain and now stored behind the shed, and looking at it I will not need to make anymore for some time.

Fixed the Debris netting to the greenhouse

Trained the Grape a little, but need to do the top.

Planted poached egg plants in the bean trench

Watered the carrots under the solar tents and removed the solar tents from the potatoes now the temperatures have gone up a little.

Drilled and fixed eye bolts so that I can start to train the apple trees on the wall.

Here is a quick video

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